Track & Field Capsules


Track & Field is a Brazilian brand that creates “high-end fitness sport performance and beach apparel infused with innovative technologies”. They opened their first flagship store in New York. The challenge of the project was to solve the issue of storage space for stock, incorporating it to the architectonic project by Arthur Casas. The solution was to create a system composed of a structure fixed to the wall + product packages like a huge bee hive covering the whole extension of the store. This new model of functional stock allows the customer to find the item he is looking for since these are ordered by style, color and size. To reduce the impact on the environment, the capsules were manufactured with a natural plastic called Igneo, composed of plants and containing no petroleum in its formula. The idea is that these packages be reused by the consumer after the purchase but if he happens to accumulate too many of them he can return them to the store so that they can be reused.


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