Natura – Crer Pra Ver

Crer pra Ver is one of the actions that reflect Natura’s commitment to building a fairer society.

The program was born out of our belief that quality education can improve people’s lives and transform Brazil. It is based on the concept of a network of relationships, in which each individual gesture, with the simple purchase of a Crer para Ver product, both by our consultants and by end consumers, adds to various other actions that result in a beneficial return to society. It’s an attitude that multiplies and helps build a better world.

Since 1995, when it was created, more than 2 million people have benefited from 156 projects, including those we support and those that we fully develop. And all the results we achieved on this journey were only possible thanks to the participation of our Consultants, who give up the profit on the sale of products and are committed to publicizing the program.

The encounter is the element. The gathering of people around a cause.
People who share the same dream. And they have the same goal in common.
The encounter with transformative potential that exists in each.

To graphically represent the strength of the meeting, soul of the Crer para Ver, we choose an element that wins an even greater and broader sense when it connects to each other: The letters.

When the letters meet, the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. Exactly as in the program.


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