Place Branding Project for Porto Alegre – Popular Vote – Contest


This story started in 2017 with a group of designers who decided that instead of just complaining about the current economic crisis in the country and in Porto Alegre, my hometown, they should do something to improve the situation. The option was to act in the city.
In order to stimulate the evolution of Porto Alegre and spread design as a transforming agent, the ABEDESIGN/RS group set out to develop a place branding project for the city, to make it a better place for everyone.

From the collective to the collective, a collaborative and voluntary process that brought together several design and innovation companies in Porto Alegre.
Among 40 brands entered in this contest, 3 brands were finalists and among them the Caminhos brand, which I developed in collaboration with other professionals.

Caminhos brand brings the poetry and firmness of the gaucho people. It is current, inspires and innovates just like the city, which is more than prepared to walk the paths of evolution.


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